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Static-to-Dynamic Hold Down Convertion

The F.W. Arms™ Dynamic Spring Hold Down add-on is for use with only the F.W. Arms™ style hold down found here:  FW Arms™ Auto-Case Centering Static Hold Down.  Use of the Dynamic Spring Hold Down add-on for any use other than detailed by F.W. Arms™ could cause bodily injury, and/or damage to your reloading equipment.

Use proper safety equipment at all times.


Step 1:  Remove black upper cap from the F.W. Arms™ Static Hold Down. Do not throw cap away, you might need a static hold down at some point.

Step 2:  Screw the F.W. Arms™ Dynamic Spring Hold Down add-on where the cap was.  If needed, you can use a 3/8″ hex wrench to help screw the unit on.  Do not over tighten unit onto hold down die.  Hand tight is fine.


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