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Heat treated for optimal endurance

Enhanced geometry to allow smooth case feeding


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Plates at cerakote right now, hoping to get them back by 6-14

Why choose F.W. Arms™ shell plates

You want an F.W. Arms™ shell plate for the same reason you want(ed) our decapper, it helps lower the potential for problems.  We have found that the #1 issue for decapper pin failure is a jumped case that ends up positioning the case head right under the pin.  Cases jump for a number of reasons but the problem always gets worse at the high speeds that auto-drives since the case is moving faster and it becomes a bit more difficult to locate the case flange into the plate.  Enter F.W. Arms™, with our custom geometry at the mouth of each station, we’ve created a path that allows the case to enter the plate more freely while at the same time ensuring the case won’t be too loose in the shell plate.  We’ve also added some extras on the back side of the plate to encourage dirt and debris to get pulled out toward the edged, as well as a track for the indexing ball bearing to ride in.  This track allows the plate to stay centered correctly during the indexing process which in turn will give you smoother indexing.  It also doesn’t hurt that we machine these plates in house from tool steel.

Each plate comes with an indexing pawl made from 4140 then heat treated.  Our pawls are not made from 4140 Pre-Hard.  We will also include a set of our #3 Station Tabs.

F.W. ARMS™ is offering our new shell plates to fit the Dillon 1050/1100/CP2000 presses.

Use the F.W. Arms™ #5 shell plate for 9mm and cases that share the same parent case.

Tool steel design, heat treated for optimal endurance

Enhanced geometry to allow smooth case feeding and better case extraction



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