PrimeTime™ by F.W. Arms™ (Pre-Order)


Replaces your stock Dillon 1050,1100 primer cam arm.

Enjoy smooth primer feeding and easy jam clearing.

48 in stock (can be backordered)

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PrimeTime™ is finally official and taking pre-orders.  SHOT Show 2023 was great for us, big thanks to Lyman/Mark 7 for letting us run our products on their machine.

There was so much interest in PrimeTime™ that we decided to open pre-orders.

What is PrimeTime™?  It is the F.W. Arms™ solution to the stock Dillon primer cam arm.  The stock primer cam arm of your 1050,1100 has it’s weak points.  F.W. Arms™ PrimeTime™ addresses those weak points and gives the reloader a much smoother reloading session.

No more fidgeting with the stock cam to get the arm from popping out from the shuttle.

No more hard stops on the cam arm in the event of a primer shuttle jam.

No more messing with the stock clamp for the unit.


What does PrimeTime™ give you?

A safety disengage of the cam arm when a jam occurs and an easy design to help clear jams fast.

A redesigned clamp that holds tight and won’t bottom out on small diameter primer tube housings.

If you have a tool head with a threaded primer station, take your priming to the next level since you will now have clearance to run the F.W. Arms™ Dymanic Hold Down.

We will take pre-orders for 150 units, we are hoping to ship these in about 3-4 weeks.  I will update pictures and video of the unit running in the next few days.



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