• Long lasting carbide
  • Tool steel nose
  • Taper lock design

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Note:  We found some units has runout we didn’t like, new orders may be subject to a week shipping delay while we redo the carbide installation.

The Gen 2 F.W. Arms™ Carbide 9mm expander features a cupping profile.  The benefit of cupping is reduced work on the brass, it helps prevent over-expansion.  The cup ID that the expander mandrel creates is about .356″, just enough for your projectile to fit into.  Once set, your projectile will pre-seat with ease, and won’t be dancing around during index.  You’ve seen this dancing effect when using a flare die that won’t create a cup profile to encourage positive bullet retention, you flare and drop, then on index, your projectile topples.

The F.W. Arms™ Gen 2 expander has a removable taper lock design for excellent concentricity while also allowing the user to remove the carbide for cleaning while keeping the threaded die body locked in the machine.  Removal is simple, and the taper will allow you to reassemble the die without headache.

The virtual mirror finish of the F.W. Arms™ 9mm Expander will help your brass flow, reduce the ‘sticking’ effect, and will help keep your powder in your case.

The expander is carbide, plain and simple.  It will outlast a tool steel expander.  Seriously, if you have a tool steel expander, how do your projectiles fall after 50k undersize cases pass through it.  There is no place on this planet where tool steel will outlast carbide when it comes to wear resistance.

As always, our dies are designed and built for the commercial processor, but priced so everybody can afford it.  Buy once, cry once.



Full disclosure, the steel die pieces are U.S.A. made, as they are machined right here in Las Vegas with our in house CNC machines.  The carbide is an import at the moment, we are actively looking for a US source for all of these that won’t break the bank.


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