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The F.W. ARMSTM Auto-Center Hold Down IS ONLY to be used to hold non-primed cases in place while swaging/priming.  Use of this product in any other way may cause injury.

Always wear eye protection when using the F.W. ARMSTM Auto-Center Hold Down.

To set the Hold Down, install the desired shell plate you intend to use.

Ensure that no die is in the swage or priming station.

Insert a decapped case to match the shell plate you’ve installed.

Position tool head at the bottom of the stroke.

Screw the F.W. ARMSTM Auto-Center Hold Down into your tool head until the foot bottoms out on the case.  You may see the case start to spin, this is a good indication the foot is touching the case.

Using a 1” wrench, tighten the supplied nut against the tool head.

Return to your press’s start position, remove the setup case.

Ensure the foot placement is correct by running a few decapped cases through.  The foot should not bottom out before the press has completed a full stroke.  If you need to adjust, loosen the die nut and adjust 1/8 of a turn at a time, then tighten die nut.

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