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The F.W. ARMSTM Dynamic Hold Down IS ONLY to be used to hold non-primed cases in place while swaging/priming.  Use of this product in any other way may cause injury.

Always wear eye protection when using F.W. ARMSTM products.  Keep clear of any moving parts.  Auto-drive users:  Ensure use of any safety barriers your machine may have come with when machine is in automated motion.

To set the Dynamic Hold Down, install the desired shell plate you intend to use.

Ensure that no die is in the swage or priming station.

Insert a decapped case to match the shell plate you’ve installed.

Position tool head at the bottom of the stroke.

Screw the F.W. ARMSTM Dynamic Hold Down into your tool head until the foot bottoms out on the case.  Once case bottoms out you will not be able to finger tighten anymore.

Raise to the tool head so the die releases the case.

Screw the die down an additional 1/2 turn to start.

Lower the tool head to the bottom position, you may feel slight resistance of the Dynamic Hold Down spring against the case.

If you still see cases pushing up, you can lower die an additional 1/4 turn.

Using a 1” wrench, tighten the supplied nut against the tool head.

Return to your press’s start position, remove the setup case and you are ready to use the die.

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